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Emergency Housing Vouchers now available for the homeless. For more information, please call the office.

600 West Kennedy Boulevard Lakewood, New Jersey 08701
600 West Kennedy Boulevard Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

Family Self Sufficiency Program(FSSP)

"Exciting", "innovative", and "breakthrough" are just some of the words being used to describe the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSSP). The goal of this program is to move families from dependence to self-sufficiency within five years. The foundation is a concrete action plan, tailored to the individual family, for attaining this goal. This plan integrates job training, education, day care, and other supportive services with housing assistance and generous economic incentives. A special escrow account is set-up for the participant, with matching HUD money being deposited into this account.

Upon successful completion, the money in the escrow account may be used at the discretion of the participant. The program is without risk. Residential assistance continues even if the participant does not complete the FSS Program. We expect that by combining FSSP with LTRAP’s HomeRun™ Homeownership Program, successful participants will be able to buy their own home; many will use the FSSP escrow account towards the down payment.

For more information on the Family Self Sufficiency Program, please click here.