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Our Post Office Box 856 will no longer be active as of June 1st 2016. Our new mailing address is 600 West Kennedy Boulevard, Lakewood, New Jersey 08701.

600 West Kennedy Boulevard Lakewood, New Jersey 08701
600 West Kennedy Boulevard Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

Administrator’s Message

Welcome to The Lakewood Township Residential Assistance Program website!

LTRAP is dedicated to providing quality affordable housing for all. Lakewood is a special place, reflecting its enchanting history, thriving neighborhoods, and the rich diversity in the experiences and backgrounds of its residents. We welcome people from many walks of life and enjoy being part of their lives in a meaningful way by providing affordable, comfortable housing. We work diligently to create positive housing opportunities that enhance the quality of life for our program participants.

LTRAP is the largest provider of private-sector affordable housing in Ocean County. All of the housing units subsidized by LTRAP are privately owned and operated. LTRAP helps nearly 1100 households gain affordable housing in the private market through the Section 8 rental and homeownership subsidy programs. The rental subsidies provide families and individuals the opportunity to rent from a private landlord anywhere in the United States, having their rent subsidized so that it remains affordable for them. In the homeownership program, known locally as the HomeRun Program™, the participant can buy a home anywhere in the United States, with the monthly Section 8 payment used as a mortgage subsidy instead of a rent subsidy. Either way, these programs can help reunite families, help families gain self-sufficiency, or provide needed housing to homeless persons, all while also providing an opportunity to move from renting to homeownership.

We have developed this web site to better serve our applicants, participants, participating landlords, housing advocates and the larger community by providing helpful information about LTRAP, its policies and procedures, and the application process. Please take the time to enjoy the site and feel free to contact us with suggestions regarding information that would be helpful to you or ideas about how the site can be improved.

Thanks for visiting!

Meir N. Hertz