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600 West Kennedy Boulevard Lakewood, New Jersey 08701
600 West Kennedy Boulevard Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

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The Lakewood Township Residential Assistance Program (LTRAP) is a local housing program established for the purpose of providing quality affordable housing to eligible persons with limited incomes, through a partnership of public and private resources.


LTRAP does more than handle the day-to-day demands of providing affordable housing solutions to lower income families, seniors and the disabled. We strive to craft solutions to our community’s affordable housing dilemma in a holistic manner, and turn them into reality. Our dedicated board and staff insure that LTRAP continues to be a well-managed, compassionate and effective service provider, as opposed to a public bureaucracy. We recognize and value the diversity of each individual client and staff member. The results of this vision are many, and include a hard-working, high-quality and fiscally sound organization with objective goals and measurable achievements.

History & Composition:

LTRAP is the largest provider of private-sector affordable housing in Ocean County. All of the housing units subsidized by LTRAP are privately owned and operated. LTRAP represents a three-way partnership: it is sponsored by the Township of Lakewood, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and operated by the Lakewood Tenants Organization (LTO), a New Jersey not-for-profit corporation. LTO was formed in 1972 for the purpose of organizing, representing and advocating for Lakewood’s diverse renter population. At that time Lakewood tenants were facing serious housing problems due to a critical housing shortage.

In 1977, confronted by a deepening affordable housing crisis, LTO petitioned the governing body of Lakewood to establish locally the federal Section 8 Housing Assistance Program. The Section 8 Program provides rent subsidies in the form of monthly housing assistance payments (HAPs) to private landlords on behalf of eligible families. The Lakewood Township Committee agreed to sponsor the program, and contracted with LTO to serve as its administrative agency for the program.

LTO took the necessary steps to set-up LTRAP and to obtain federal funding from HUD. Starting in 1977 with 80 slots, LTRAP has since grown to assist more than 1200 households, a low-income population comprised mostly of the elderly, handicapped and children.

While the program started out assisting only renters, it was recently expanded to provide homeownership opportunities. LTRAP currently enables qualified participants to move from renting to homeownership by offering a choice of rent or mortgage subsidy payments. The program objective is to provide affordable, decent and safe housing for eligible families, while increasing a family’s economic mobility as well as its geographic and residential choice.

For over 30 years LTRAP has been providing comfortable, affordable housing to needy households in Lakewood and throughout the Ocean-Monmouth area. Our success is due to the team spirit and hard work of our dedicated staff, and to the vision and guidance of our board of trustees, the Mayor, Lakewood’s Township Committee, community leaders and many other local agencies. Their support and encouragement have contributed greatly to our ability to assist thousands of lower-income seniors and families with their housing needs.